Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quick Updates

First of all, don't forget about everything going on this weekend!

Second, I just wanted to throw out a quick note saying that I am working on getting my interview with Golden Horn Brewing Company up soon. We also hammered out plans for a test batch of a collab brew that should get brewed in the next couple of months, I hope. If the test batch goes well, then maybe you'll see it on tap some day, which would be the first ever commercial brew with my name attached to it in any way, shape, or form!

I'm not going to say anything now, but over the last couple of weeks some very exciting news has started developing for me (involving beer, not that other thing that many of my friends may think I'm talking about). As details unfold, I may let some details loose here, but only time will tell!

I also intend to get some interviews going soon with the other breweries in town. I will have more on that as I get details.


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