Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Huge News from Proof

In a recent e-mail, Proof dropped a couple of big bombs on the beer community, but let's get a few smaller updates over with first.

UPDATE: A co-worker told me Momo's threw a new beer on tap, and a call verifies so. It's a light, golden honey ale and the girl on the phone told me it's called "Honey Bear Ale." Cute. Now start telling us when you PUT YOUR BEERS ON TAP!

Fermentation Lounge is having the next haus bier release with Golden Horn Brewing Company this Wednesday, the 26th at 5pm. They are releasing a Spiced Pumpkin Beer and a Pale Peach Ale (peach pale ale). Normally I'd post the descriptions, but we have more important news to get to (no offense, Ferm dudes). Instead, check out their blog.

Proof is celebrating their 3rd birthday that same Wednesday with a Sweetwater event at 8pm. They will be tapping the new Dank Tank - Ghoulash, an imperial black IPA. There will also be a glassware giveaway as always.

The biggest news, however, comes in Proof's latest subscription email:

"We are in the process of expanding by adding:
A new bar and bar area!
A Biergarten!
22 more taps for a total of 50!
Dedicated beer engines for Cask Ale!
A BREWERY - with full scale brewing operations commencing soon!"


Let's read that again. 22 more taps? 50 total taps? Casks?! A BREWERY?!

Obviously, I knew about this a long time ago, but I have been keeping my mouth shut until the news was officially announced. Since that information is a bit scant, allow me to fill in a bit. Proof is currently in the process of turning their basement into another bar. This bar will have 22 more taps (making the total 50 with the current 28 upstairs), bottles, and liquor, but no macros (sorry, brosefs). Additionally, I believe some new bartenders and beer loving bartenders will be working down there (ie: myself, hopefully). So hopefully within the next couple of months (I'm not sure of the open dates), you will be able to come enjoy a beer served by yours truly! Additionally, you could take that beer outside and enjoy it in the biergarten. Crazy!


Yep. I'm not sure exactly when this will be implemented, but I'm pretty excited. Proof has some good people in mind to help out with this, and again, I'm hoping one of them is yours truly. Who knows, someday you may be able to come to Proof and enjoy a beer served by me that I helped make! Yikes!

Well all of this is definitely good news, and I'm certainly excited!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stone Event at Proof

Finally some beer events are happening in Tallahassee! We've been in a bit of a slump...

Momo's tapped their new IPA on Sunday, eventually dubbing it "Sunburst IPA." It's not bad, but it's nothing special. I was hoping for a bigger hop kick, but I'm sure it goes down easy for the masses... which is good for their business, I'm sure. You can see my rating, and a few others, here.

Proof announced their next big event, which is centered around Stone Brewing Company. There aren't a ton of details, but they're promising two casks, 2011 Double Bastard, and a glassware giveaway. I think that may be one random Wednesday that I don't have orchestra rehearsal, so depending on what the casks are, you may just see me there!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Momo's IPA

Word of mouth tells me that Market Street's (Momo's) IPA was tapped today. The words came from the mouth of an employee of the Tennessee Street location that supposedly talked to the owner. Their website doesn't say anything about it, but what else is new. I just made a quick call and verified that the brew is in fact on tap.

I have to say it again... why are they being so weird and secretive about this? The guy that told me the above information told me the owner plans to always tap these on Sundays, probably about 2 weeks apart depending on the beer that is made. I have no idea why they don't tell anyone or announce it!

In other news, Proof is having a Blue Point glassware giveaway on Wednesday, October 19th at 8pm. I'm told the pint glasses are blue, which is pretty cool. Also of interest to the tickers is that they will be tapping Blue Point's Oatmeal Stout, which hasn't been in this town before to my knowledge. Woot.

UPDATE: Ferm's beer releases are a week behind from their original schedule, so the next two will come out on Wednesday the 26th. I may have been harsh at first, but they've definitely stepped it up as of late. Up next is a spiced pumpkin beer and a peach pale ale. Not super excited about either (I'm definitely over pumpkin beers, and I don't like peaches) but I'll be there nonetheless!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Boring Fall

Well... I was hoping to do a local updates post, as I haven't been as dedicated to this blog lately due to school, but there's really nothing to update.

Brewfest Tallahassee is over, the latest Fermentation Lounge Haus Bier release is over, and Momo's has tapped their first beers... shoot.

I was at the Homebrew Den recently (they're the brewers at Momo's), asked about their new IPA (that's what I was told they're brewing next), and was given the now stereotypical response of "I dunno - a couple of weeks maybe?" I still have no idea why they're keeping all their beers a secret. It's weird.

Fermentation Lounge has a few events going on these days, but nothing that caters to beer nerds. If you're into weird movies, hipster music, or BS Oktoberfest events, then I'll let you read their blog to see what you want to hit up. Their original release schedule for their haus biers says they will be doing the next one on October 19th with a pumpkin beer and some sort of IPA. At the time they were contemplating peach, but they haven't updated since.

No word from Mike's Stone Baked Pizza or the other venture in town on 6th Avenue, but I'll certainly update when I get any information. I've sent out a few texts and Facebook messages to see if there is any news.

I've narrowed down a logo for some t-shirts and will be making some soon. If you want one, do let me know by commenting on here, contacting me on Facebook, email, or whatever. They will be simple iron-ons and I will only charge you what it costs me (probably like 5 dollars). Make sure to tell me your size.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BA Hunahpu's

Recently I was lucky to head down to Tampa with a couple of co-workers to hit up the BA Hunahpu's release. For those of you out there that don't know what that stands for, it means "barrel-aged," though "bad ass" would be equally appropriate. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. They were releasing four treatments of their famous Hunahpu's Imperial Stout: Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, and Virgin Oak. I had already had the bourbon version at the first ever Hunahpu's release, but it's definitely a foggy memory of a long day.

The event was a lot of fun combined with a small bit of insanity. The bar opens at 11am and the release was set for 1pm. We got there at about 10:15 and there were about 40-50 people in line waiting to get into the bar. The funny thing about that is that there were no lines for the release. Nothing was announced until just before 1pm. All of those people were simply waiting to get in.

Once inside, we got a shit-ton of things on tap. The members in my group went to the bar separately throughout the day and we tried just about everything that went on tap before the release (we left soon after, only to come back later that night). The highlight of that time was definitely the Tiramisu Sweet Stout (rating). This was essentially a sweet vanilla and coconut bomb, and I could have drank gallons of it.

The best part about the event was meeting up with and talking to old and new RateBeer buddies. I got to catch up with a few people from the Tampa and Orlando crews as well as meet some other RBians from all over the place. We even managed to make a couple of friends that happen to live in Tallahassee. Sweet. It was also nice hanging out with some people from work that I don't hang out with much outside of work. On top of that, the owner and the brewer from Fermentation Lounge were both there, so we chatted them up a bit as well.

Well eventually the release went down and it was pretty nuts. People had started packing their side brewery room by noon. A man got up with a megaphone and told us where each line would be and then they started handing out tickets. From what I've read online, apparently it was pretty nuts, but my crew ended up with plenty. We hooked up a couple trades in person to help out some RB buddies and then went on our merry way. We ended up with 2 of each treatment and 3 of each Big Sound treatment. We also landed a bunch of growlers from trades I had set up, and we bought some bottles from a local store. Here is a pic of everything we had... our estimate was that we had at least around $400 of Cigar City Beer, let alone the others beers in the picture.

A few days later we got together with members from the Tallahassee crew and drank them all. We did all four treatments in a row, starting with the Virgin Oak. It was even better out of the growler than I remembered in on tap at the release. The rest were all quite good, but the hands down favorite was the bourbon treatment. The aroma alone on that beer was enough to win it for me. Heaven. It's also the only bottle we have left as we traded all of our other extras. I have a feeling it'll get traded sometime in the future, though... unless we get thirsty one night. Cheers!